Reasons to consider writing a blog in 2020

As of 2020 did you know that there are at least more than 4 billion internet users worldwide? That is more than half of the people on earth. If you are to stay relevant to your audience while servicing them, then you have to understand the importance of blogs. Those are a lot of eyeballs that do not know anything about you. Blogs have become a great way to share your brand’s opinion and gain an online presence.

There is a myriad of reasons you should consider writing a blog in 2020 ranging from:

  1. Drives traffic to your website

An average person looking to find information on any given topic begins their hunt on a search engine and keys in random keywords. From here they begin to look for titles that match their keywords. If this person clicks on your site your traffic begins to rise just from a simple blog. This is particularly great for you because not only is the person reading the blog but they get to learn what your brand does and how you do what you do. Should your writing be compelling enough, you are more likely to be their one-stop-shop for whatever their need may be. Now imagine being able to teach and offer them solutions at the same time.

  1. It boosts your SEO ranking

Brands today are competing very hard to rank at the top for any particular keyword on search engines. Blogs prove to be the best way to improve your SEO ranking. If your website contains more content related to a specific keyword and it is relevant to the search, Google algorithms are more likely to rank you higher than websites that have no blogs, however, still relevant to the topic.

  1. Earn Exposure

Brands in this digital age are competing for the attention of internet users. Blogs can put you on the map but that is just a the first step. Blogs have to accomplish whatever purpose you write them for. If a blogs is compelling enough to tap into the consciousness of your audience, then they are more likely to want to know more about your brand.

  1. Builds creativity and credibility

After many years off writing. Copywriters start to see trends in their writing skills and trends in how people respond to their copy. Do you know why? Well, it is easy to understand this phenomenon. People are craving to see something different and will react to anything that is either unique or it is just a replica that is exclusive. If you can maintain being different then your credibility to your audience is likely to be strengthened. Credibility is very valuable to every organisation. This is simply because people want to see if you are knowledgeable on a specific subject matter similar to your offerings before they can commit to whatever service you offer.

  1. Share your opinion publicly

Sharing your opinion publicly on the internet has been redefined by blogs. What better way is there to share your own opinion on a specific topic without the need to spend any money than writing a very compelling piece? We are in an era where people are on their smart devices and are ready to consume online content. Express your own opinion and build your online presence in an easy and smart way.

There are more reasons why you should consider writing a blog in 2020. You stand a better chance of being of building online presence, credibility, boosting your SEO ranking and driving traffic with writing blogs over a website with no other content if it is not your services you offer.

Sakkie Ngobeni