Fresh Apple Media convert brand and marketing objectives into next day sales with quick off the mark digital marketing solutions that wins hearts and minds.


Over the past four years, Fresh Apple Media has carved a niche and established itself as social and digital marketing specialists for a wide range of high-profile clients from various industries. These include various prominent brands, corporates and successful private sector companies.


We’re a proud independent agency with a cool factor culture of smart thinkers.

Our clients are really part of the family, we strategise, work, collaborate and create big ideas together.

How we work

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  • Our Expertise, Your Success
  • With years of experience and perfection, our team of experts offer our clients the best knowledge on strategy and campaigns formulation.
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  • Optimal Solutions
  • We understand that digital is not a one size fit all space which is why offer our clients customised, unique and personalised campaign solutions suited for their business needs.
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  • Managed Service
  • Not like big agencies that setup your campaigns and leave to the juniors to look at them, our experts are tasked to take care of every client as their own with constant optimisations.
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  • Scalable Performance
  • We understand that budgets are not the same for different clients and organisations, our solutions are structured to provide scalable growth of budgets as the business grows.

Why you should work with us

Fresh Apple Media is a leading agency on utilising data and insights to conceptualise and create data-led campaign solutions in South Africa.

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  • Insights Driven Campaigns
  • Benefit from extensive data within our in-house DMP, which is intelligently harnessed by our team into actionable insights.
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  • In-house Expertise
  • Deliver the best performing campaigns with our team of expert account managers, UX, Data science, social managers and talented designers.
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  • Transparency
  • No hidden costs with full visibility of spend and campaign performance. Our in-house DSP is also designed to ensure maximum efficiency.
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  • Reporting & Insights
  • Our reporting solutions and dashboards allow clients to read through data quickly, at a glance. Reports are also shareable to teams.

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