Why online presence is important in the days of covid-19

Digital marketing is by far the most economical way of marketing any product or service. A simple click on to the internet to credible sources does show that you can get more value for your money with the ability to measure results from running ads and being active on social media. The beauty of this is that any business has a choice to choose the budget they are comfortable with when running ads and investing in online presence. The ROI (Return On Investment) is usually the incentive/push that brands need to get started.

With this knowledge in mind. It would make sense for brands that are starting out to start by investing in their online presence. Data shows that Globally the number of internet users increased from only 413 million in 2000 to over 3.4 billion in 2016. This on its own means that penetrating into foreign markets is easier than ever before. Being discovered by a foreign brand for your services is just a click away if you have online presence. For a brand to be more competitive in the world local and international markets, they must as a brand be part of the revolution.

Covid-19 has forced brands to be online to stay afloat.

Now running ads and letting your presence on the internet known is more vital than ever. The internet helps us spread information far faster than we could have imagined in the 90s. This then means you need to be on the internet, however, being on the internet means that you must stand out. As every brand have their own identity and are fighting for the same eyeballs on the internet, you must give the visitor to your Social Media or website know why they should pick you over your competitor. This then means you will need a dedicated team that will set you apart from your competition.

Find your dedicated social media team

Being different can be achieved by you revamping your current look to suit the new trends so you stay afloat. Other brands rely on running ads to reach even a broader audience. This is the main reason to be on the internet, the incentive of being seen by people that would have undoubtedly never known you exist is the main reason most brands will have an online presence. Why should you run ads? Are they for your brands? Do you have the budget? These daunting questions can be the main reason why most brands would stick to traditional marketing which is largely costly and depends on estimates.

Running ads allows your brand to reach a broader audience at the budget you are comfortable with. This is essential for brands that need to generate quality leads at the least amount of budget possible. Any brand that is to appeal to the new generation must be willing to go the extra mile to reach their audience where they are. Covid-19 has further exposed the need for brands to jump on board new trends to stay afloat.

In conclusion,LAptop on a table showing online presence concept brands need to follow trends and implement revamp strategies to stay relevant as staying relevant is the only possible way a brand is to stay profitable.

Sakkie Ngobeni