Why content and context can never be separated if you want to have good content.

Good content still matters, however, context matters more. In this blog, let us unravel some of the mysteries of what makes good content and the fine line of what makes content intrusive.

Marketers are battling the constant demand of providing good content. however, just a few select realise the importance of context. Content comes in different forms and mediums yet understanding the context of your content helps your audience engage more and see your content as valuable, readable, and search-friendly.

Essentially when it comes to creating good content, you need to think about the audience before curation. The idea behind this is to have original content. Primarily when your audience views content they want to experience and see something they have not already seen and this is the main goal of producing content.

Content is about knowing the audience you want to attract because any type of interaction between your brand and your potential client usually begins with your content. Originality plays a major role when producing good content.

The quality of your content solely depends on you. But you should know if you going to impress your audience your need to be deliberate about the quality of your work and nature in which you express it.

Now according to Neilpatel, the lead in social engineering optimization platform that has integrated keywords that internet user search to increase website traffic suggests that there are certain techniques that content creators can use to make good content.

Below we will analyse 4 aspects of good content.

  1. First impressions.
  • The best way to impress consumers is always on the first interaction they have with a brand. This sets the mood on the credibility of your business.
  • The presentation of your content quality reflects on the brand and how it is viewed.
  1. Search engine ranking.
  • Internet search algorithms are performance based on the content sites produce. Google indexes sites based on keywords and relevance of content on the site
  1. Understanding your audience.
  • Strategising your content helps your audience understand what the brand is trying to portray. This may spark the interest of a potential customer and motivate sales.
  • With larger volumes of content on the internet, brands need to understand that context can tarnish a brand. This is the reason brands must understand your audience and avoid sensitive topics to their audience.
  1. Conversion
  • Appealing content is most likely to have visitors on your site this sometimes promotes consumers that had no clue of your products to make a purchase.
  • Good content must almost/always be objective/goal-orientated, there should be some type of goal it is trying to achieve.


Creating good content comes with some guidelines that you need to follow to become the next internet sensation regardless of what type of medium your content comes in, always think of the end-user. Secondly, you need to put yourself in the end-users shoes and ask a collective honest question about your content which is, are you impressed with the quality and delivery of your content?

We at Fresh Apple Media are devoted to creating outstanding content that natures the image of the brand and collaborates with consumers’ needs. These divine processes of marketing tools create a platform for making relevant content that represents the efficiency of what makes good content still matter. So always keep in mind that content is key to making the context of your brand idea come to life.

Louis Kulani Khosa