What makes you an influencer?

What makes an influencer? Many people seem to confuse the term with being a celebrity. Yet in truth, an influencer can be anybody. The prime of social media has taught us about the power of content. The diverse forms of content and the niche in which content is distributed.

This is the creative space in which one can express themselves and influence how people see the world. Content is as insightful to anyone that finds interest in what you publish. The problem begins when you do not understand your audience and your audience does not understand you.

Producing content is a technique of expression. Your expression as a brand, business, group, or individual is entirely how you choose to express yourself. The way we draw in our audience is purely in guiding their interest with you. Social media has given the platform for an audience to indulge in various interests both online and offline.

When looking into what makes an influencer is gauging how much reach you can have towards anyone that views your content and finds it intriguing enough to want to learn more about you or the brand. It is your body language that resonates to inherit attraction. How you project and build your character as a brand is your influential presence in what your audience sees.

With the birth of social media, we have seen new trends and campaigns with hashtags. We often see how things go viral over how interesting the content is for everyone on the platform and growing that into a market. A pivotal point of reaching an audience primarily from the expressions depicted in your content is what defines some aspects of being an influencer.

Brands that have worked on their reputation for years, tend to have loyal customers that want to know what is happening within the organisation. The way the brand’s content insights buying power to its target audience means you were influenced by the brand.

Social media has a diverse audience and users are quite intrigued by someone’s content on their page. How platforms have monetized content is how many people can see your content through the platform. Creating an engagement with your audience from how they react to your content is the instrument in which influence can be measured upon. Page fans and followers are the driving force behind the influence.

Digital marketing has introduced many forms of generating content and building an audience around that content. Media buying spaces on social media have prompted how brands can reach the target market using various techniques to influence their audience into following and buying their products and services.

This gave an interesting new form of marketing in which brands identified various users with large followings and users to promote a brand using the creative style of the user to influence the buying power of their audience by simply talking about the brand.

Influencer marketing indoctrinated brands to explore how much more they can express their brand, by humanising it with someone that conveys well with their audience and still sells the products and services through how they have depicted content to appeal to their target.

What makes an influencer is inspiring those around us to think beyond the audience spectrum and inheriting a deeper understanding of the world.

Louis Kulani Khosa