What is your corporate identity in the digital world?

As a business, we have a unique culture that defines what we stand for and what represents our organisation. The trademarks of your business are a multi-sensory jargon of how we communicate and market ourselves to our audience.

Taking your corporate identity as a yardstick that encourages brand acceptance from customers in the marketing space. Developing your corporate identity is an important element to building brand awareness. This develops the mindset of your audience to resonate with the messaging of your marketing campaigns and identify your products and services.

Over the years, it has become harder to differentiate a brand’s corporate identity from how the competitive market is layered with multiple brands offering products and services that cater to the same market.

Building your corporate identity in digital marketing means understanding consumer behaviour to make it easier to connect to your audience and create the demand for your products and services. To continue having relevance on your social platforms to visually attract and express your brand instils your corporate identity for your market segment.

Brands need to take charge of their corporate identity now more than ever, as the world is changing at an exponential rate. We need to stand out and be seen to remain pro-actively motivated at building brand loyalty and strengthening consumer engagements.

Digital marketing is a multifunctional tool for brands to enhance their corporate identity from the physical attributes into a diverse spectrum of media. This inspires the credibility of the brand from the internal and external communication forefront that is prompted by your marketing strategy to enable your corporate identity to excel.

Making your brand a distinguishable concept for your audience, you need to find the latter of humanising the brand and selling to your products and service. Appealing to your market using different tools and platforms to educate your potential client about your business.

Your corporate identity is what speaks volumes toward connecting with your target audience. Beyond digital, your corporate identity is all in the detail of your brand. There are five key steps into maintaining your brand identity to ensure prominence in digital market.

Step 1: Create Design guideline.

Having a standard format for your brand identity that communicates and represents internal and external media from your logo, colours, slogan, and typography is an essential aspect of defining your brand to the public and your target audience. This gives you an overview of what you want the quality and delivery of your brand to be.

Step 2: Develop voice and tone guidelines.

In the way we read content or copy for ourselves there is always an inner voice that triggers your mind to create a bond with what you are reading to give a monologue that leads the conversation for your brand and corporate identify.

Step 3: Create a go-to email template.

Within your industry sector there’s always activities that can be grouped and illustrated towards keeping a format of consistency and quality of communication that voices a comprehendible dialogue to the audience intended.


Step 4: Design consistently across digital marketing channels.

Once you have properly dissected your corporate identity it is now time to publish content and relay your products and services across platforms that leads the conversations and speaks the consumer jargon to deliberate the context of your brand for your audience.

Step 5: Combine efforts across digital marketing channels.

When you have breached through to your audience and created a unified experience from your platforms. It’s important to enhance your corporate identity with a fluid relay of content that understands the audience and prompts the subject of your page.

Corporate identity builds brand loyalty and optimises how easy people find you in spectrums of media platforms because of how they have been exposed to the brand and recognise the elements that represent and speak the brand language.

Louis Kulani Khosa