Video marketing is the new frontier

Consumption of video content continues to rise. People find videos to be more fascinating than text. For that reason, brands should not get by with text and image content alone. This is where video marketing comes into play. Let us have a look at how video content can raise a brand’s profile online.

What does video marketing refer to?

Video marketing refers to video content that is used for marketing and promoting a message, product, service or brand on digital channels. Video marketing aims at reaching a brand’s desired audience to drive sales, encourage engagement and increase awareness.

When brands consider the type of content to create for their digital platforms, video content should be included at the top of the list in their content plan. Video content reigns supreme as it can offer various benefits to a business’s online presence.

Benefits of video marketing

People love video marketing because it immediately captures their attention. Brands can use that to their advantage. This serves as an opportunity for brands to connect with their audience by turning viewers into customers. Video content is able to sell a brand’s offering through storytelling. Your brand is able to connect on an emotional level which will result in customers feeling more comfortable enough to have faith in your brand. People will effectively learn and understand your brand’s offering if video content is delivered to them correctly and is visually appealing. As a result, they will be convinced to buy a product or render a service.

Great for search engine optimization (SEO). Video content with targeted common search terms is an effective way to get your brand on Google’s first page. Even more so, if your content is shared on YouTube. Better reach is guaranteed because video generates more traffic. Even a person in the most remote area will have access to your brand’s content. Creating and sharing video content on a consistent basis will bring about a lot of traffic drawn ultimately boosting overall SEO.

Good return on investment. Some brands have the assumption that creating video content is expensive and time-consuming. With technology constantly evolving, without a large budget, you can still create a good video. YouTube is the best platform to use to share content. However, there are other platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok amongst others which are also great. A brand investing less in high-quality video content means it is easy to get a positive return on investment. Video marketing strongly drives and influence traffic, sales, leads as well as audience understanding.

Video can be used in various ways. Brands can easily determine a way to use video to match their marketing objectives. There are a number of platforms to use to upload video content. The brand’s video content can be shared on social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram. Video is a digital marketing trend here to stay. It is being used as a marketing tool that can play a critical role in a brand’s strategy. Below are a few video marketing trends that have become popular.


Live video

In 2020, live video increased its importance rapidly. There was a pause in physically gathered experiences and events due to the pandemic. Brands used live video streaming as a way to continue connecting and engaging with their customers. Post pandemic, with people adjusting to the new normal, live video remains relevant. Live video content demand is not going anywhere, instead, it continues to grow. Engagement is at a higher level. Live video is a way to connect with customers on an authentic personal level. This gives brands a competitive advantage.

Social media stories

Under this category, the focus is on showcasing a brand’s personality. Social media stories are meant for being more casual. These are clips that offer a spontaneous glimpse of your brand. Crazy creative kicks in to encourage interactivity with customers. There are different features on social media that can help achieve this like having a Q&A, obtaining feedback by posting polls and calling on customers to tag your brand in their own stories.

Search optimized videos

Optimized videos to show up in results. Ensure that your videos have a clear goal in mind. They are required to be of relevance to consumers by answering the questions, educating on topics brand-related and being interesting to watch.

Video is the king of content. It can be consumed on different devices which means an audience has a preference, another reason why video marketing is relevant to a brand’s strategy. The amazing thing about video marketing is that it has become a go-to for marketers. It is becoming easier to use effectively in strategies. There is something for every brand. It’s time to put video marketing into action to avoid being left out, competitors are doing it, and so should your brand.

Pearlmar Chauke