Brands on social media

Social media is fast becoming a reliable communications mediums for brands. Social media platforms are inherently becoming a channel for brands to create and share content instantly. Yet one needs to relate to the audience they want to communicate with. Entirely there no point of making content if no one is going to see your content or interact with your platform.

Social media is about messaging. How a brand or user conveys themselves is ultimately a vital tool to the image they are portraying to their audience.

In the past businesses only had a few channels which they could use to communicate with their consumers. The expansion of brands to communicate with consumers has drastically changed and improved.

With social media at its height, marketers have taken the opportunity to use the channel as a way of capturing our attention towards a specific product or service. Social media marketing  is one of the most cost effective and better option for B2C’s

Social media can be a great way to market products to your customers directly as opposed to traditional marketing where the audience pool is generic and undefined. Learning more about your consumer will dynamically improve how they react under circumstance that affects your service delivery.

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Communication reflects on how a brands value their consumers’ interest and loyalty.  When a business makes informative messaging to customers on aspects that affect the services offered, this gradually puts customers at ease about service delivery. This is because this type of information can be communicated efficiently and instantly.

When we explore social media as a tool to improve customer services, we need to understand what the consumer would like to see from your social platforms. This is usually done through data analysis to get the general customer sentiment.

With the general understand of what social media is all about we can further explore what is needed to make sure the social media marketing is carried out correctly. Social media marketing typically requires social media managers, community managers and paid media specialists to help the social media marketing process run smoother.

What some brands fail to understand is that using social media for consumer to express and make immediate queries, there must be someone that handles the who process. This brings us back to the  social media managers, community managers and paid media specialists. These people are typically a team of experts that can insure consumers assurance about your products and services.

The idea behind concepts that brands implement on social media come with great insight and research on current benchmark of audience preferences. This information is usually provided by the paid media specialist or data analyst. From here the social media manager must use the data provided to come up with concepts that can work based of the data and further implement the concepts. Lastly the Community manager must monitor the page activity including performance and further optimise where possible. A creative team can join where necessary.

In this digital era, it particularly important to keep track of everything that is going on with regard to the internet. Search engines can associate certain keywords, trends, products, and services to specific brands based on the how many times its been referenced. As search engine crawler bots crawl you website to index your websites, Social media platforms are not exempt to this process. Social media managers consider all interaction from website to social platforms as a digital audit on the progress your brand is making to generate customers.


Louis Kulani Khosa