The Dawn of digital marketing and the new age of advertising

Creatively carving a niche for your brand in digital marketing is a skill. You need the right execution platform to understand the demographics of your brand. Marketers use different analytics and tools for website ad spaces on third party sites to promote their brand, they usually use end-user behavioral tools that align with browsing activity that manipulate the users internet experience.

When digital marketing first came into existence, we must admit it was impossible to comprehend. Information is vastly expanding and so is the way we use the internet. The world is moving fast in the forth industrial revolution and is changing

We constantly make business models for our brand and choose concepts that represents who we are as brands. You have the power to define your audience by connecting with consumers through content that is relevant and captivating.

How cold calling in digital marketing has diverged from traditional marketing

Making consciousness as a relative tool to do your marketing can help you achieve better results for your brand. A marketing strategy defines so much of how to use digital marketing successfully without driving consumers away. We still get traditional methods of marketing in digital marketing like cold calling in different forms; some organizations have been to known to purchase user search data to reach consumers from keywords or personal information from sign-up forms to get in to how consumers feel about their brands and competitions. As intrusive as this may sound this is one of many unethical ways to align yourself with consumers if you do not use data wisely as a marketer.

It is important to understand that consumers have preferences for products and services that align with their personal attributes. Using analytical and segmentation marketing tools help you identify your consumer and understand their personal interests. Researching the market, you will understand between which demographics your brand most likely appeals to and produce relevant material that your target audience can admire and take interest into your brand. This is one of the many tricks in digital marketing. Analytical reports gives you all the tools you need to cold call a potential client and gives new meaning to your brand without spamming uninterested parties.

How digital marketing models play a role

You must remember the kind of products and services you are currently supplying to relate to your audience. Institutionalising your brand helps you see different frameworks to use when initiating your marketing strategies such as STDC (See – Think – Do – Care)  ACCD (Attract-Convert-Close-Delight), RACE (Reach – Act – Convert – Engage), The  honeycomb method and the 4 Cs (Cost – Convenience – Customer Value – Communication) to list a few. These models pertain levels on which to apply when using marketing concepts that incline users to appeal to the brand more.


Evidently, we need to know that digital marketing is a platform for all brands to transform the image of who they are to consumer and to change the dynamics of their online presences. We must creatively know how to incorporate techniques and user data efficiently to enhance brand focus. Highlighting your communication through intriguing content gives distinctive characteristics to your brand and helps set you apart. A brand is a lifestyle; what you choose to wear, defines who you are. Aligning your brand gives value to your consumers and consumers will value your brand a lot more with loyalty at the end of achieving your target market.

Louis Kulani Khosa