The Benefits of Shoppable Social Media Posts

Consumers’ purchasing behaviour has changed over the years, due to advancements in technology. This is from visiting actually storefronts to online shopping. Online shopping has really taken off when the Covid -19 pandemic struck nations and brands. Brands with an online presence need to move with the times to stay afloat, this means to stay relevant you must adapt. This can be achieved through creating shoppable social media posts as one of the remedies to stay in business. With the rise of online shopping the need for shoppable posts is getting realised more than ever.

Shoppable posts are those posts that you find when you scroll through Instagram or Facebook that allow you to click through to a merchant’s landing page where you can browse and buy products. They are primarily associated with Instagram and Facebook as Facebook allows for some shoppable tags to be added to posts on its site.

The shoppable social media posts are very easy and quick for the consumers to explore because they redirect consumers to the company’s shopping page or customers can even complete transactions on the platform without the need to leave the platform. shoppable social media posts allow businesses to sell where user engagement is huge.

Below we will explore a few benefits of shoppable posts and why you should consider joining the bandwagon. The very first and common benefit of shoppable posts is that:

Shoppable posts simplify the buying process

For us to understand how this is possible, we must consider the customers’ thought process and how they would like to complete a transaction. Usually, customers will prefer any method that is efficient, does not redirect elsewhere than where they are, and it simply feel as if it is a part of their daily life.

What better way of showcasing this than helping your customers shop where they are which is social media. Shoppable posts make it easier for businesses to simplify the buying process. It helps to make the customer not change their mind mid-purchasing a certain product because it reduces the time needed between thinking about a product and acting on that impulse. Instead of consumers leaving Instagram (or Facebook) to look up your brand on the website or visiting your store consumers simply can click on the post or the tag. From there, they can make their purchase and go right back to their timeline and enjoy browsing social media. Shoppable posts reduce the number of steps consumers need to take to convert.

Allow businesses to gather data

Shoppable posts provide data regarding their target audience and as we know, data drives many digital marketing decisions. The more data you collect as a business, the better marketing decisions you can make.

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For example, a shoppable post can allow you to see which consumers click through and make purchases. You can assess the click-through rates (CTR) of your posts and of your specific products. You can see which products consumers are more interested in. You can evaluate which kind of content and images are most effective at attracting consumers. You can then use the data you gather to optimise your social media posts accordingly.

For example, if you find that your consumers are more interested in certain items that are most popular, you can create more shoppable posts about those types of items and increase sales.

Allows for more interactions with your brand

social media is the perfect platform for a brand to tell a story. Is a powerful marketing tool that engages your audience. It improves consumers’ memory about your product. It allows you to give more information about a certain item that you are selling. For example, if you create a shoppable post that has information about product ingredients and how to use the product it is likely for your consumers to likely remember those products and services.

Creating a narrative around your brand, you increase brand awareness, and you increase the likelihood that your audience will fall in love with your products and ultimately buy from you. As a business, it would be wise to take advantage of this new trend in digital marketing. Shoppable posts aren’t just convenient for consumers. They have advantages for businesses as well. Shoppable social media posts can be the essence in this rocky time of Covid -19 to make things easier for your customers.