The art of visual branding to get your brand noticed

Brands only have a couple of seconds to capture people’s attention and tell their story. The world is very competitive and it is important for brands to cement their position in their target audiences’ minds. This can be achieved through a strong visual brand. Not having an effectively strong visual brand in the current oversaturated media market means that a brand would not stand a chance against its competitors. The digital age has opened so many doors leaving people bombarded with messaging constantly. There is information overload and content clutter. Audiences ignore messages and will certainly ignore brands that don’t have a strong visual brand. This article will look at the meaning of visual branding, the importance of visual branding, how visual branding needs to be and the benefits visual branding provides to businesses.


What does visual branding mean?

Visual branding refers to all the visual elements such as the logo, font, colours, interior design, graphics and imagery that express the personality of the brand and sets the brand apart from other brands. The purpose of visual branding is to give the audience a look and feel of what the brand is about and its offering. Visual branding aims to make an emotional connection with the consumer through visuals and create an impression through the visible elements of your brand. Images speak on an emotional level which will create a connection and be persuasive.


Importance of visual branding for your business

Branding is essential to business now more than ever. Visual branding plays a role in becoming a part of a consumer’s memory. It is the first thing that will appear to your consumers before anything else. Visual branding will create a more relatable look and feel. Your audience will be connected to your brand based on how your brand is portrayed to them. Brands with a strong visual brand will connect to customers better than a brand that is all about just business. Consumers are likely to remain loyal to a brand that is always on their minds. They will also feel a sense of trust in the brand if the visuals are consistent. A brand’s visual branding is a reflection of the company and how the brand wants to be perceived. Based on what people see, they will create thoughts about a brand. Visual design elements need to reflect what your company is all about, the promise to the consumer, value, purpose and personality. In this digital age, people are exposed to so many brands and have access to finding the best ones through research, this makes it extremely hard for businesses to stand out. Brands must put in a lot of effort by going the extra mile in creating a visual brand that will attract people and remain on their minds every time they think of the products or services your brand provides. Don’t overlook the chance to control how people perceive your brand.


Visual branding needs to be:

  • Your brand’s visuals can stand out by being unforgettable. This will make people remember your visuals and come back.
  • Consistency will make your brand trustworthy. People will trust what they see if they keep on seeing it every time.
  • Being unique will make consumers choose your brand over the competition.
  • If your brand is attractive people will be interested in interacting and learning more about what your brand is about.



  • Identity – this will help your brand stand out and set your brand apart from your competitors. Consumers will have a clear sense of “who you are” which makes it easier to connect with the correct audience. Brands with a strong identity often stand out more and are more memorable.
  • Authenticity – inspires loyalty and engagement. People appreciate originality and an authentic brand. Your brand will build deeper and more meaningful connections and consumers will be happy to engage with a unique brand.
  • Deliver a message – visuals work hand in hand with content. People are more likely to remember visuals more than words. A strong visual brand will play an effective role in portraying the brand’s messaging.
  • Your brand will be iconic – a strong visual brand will take your business to the top. Your brand will become popular and will always be on consumers’ minds and lips. Consumers will think well of your brand because your visual brand is reliable, creative and fresh.


Sleek visual designs will remain a determining factor in the marketplace. Visual branding tells a story and is a reminder of your brand’s promise to the audience.  A visually appealing look and feel will ultimately drive sales as your brand be memorable and persuasive. Let your imagination fly but keep your audiences’ expectations in mind and be ahead of your competition.

Pearlmar Chauke