The Advantages Of Following Social Media Trends For Your Brand

The term social media trends can be loosely thrown around but do we actually know what are social media trends and do we know what can be considered a social media trend? Do we understand the impact of following particular trends and how do we actually know as a brand if we can align ourselves or take part in a particular trend? What trends do we follow when today’s trendy can be tomorrow’s outdated?

Social media trends are temporary types of content that capture the attention of a wide audience and can quickly spread across all major social media platforms. These come in different forms it could be reels, and memes lately most trends come in challenges.

The elephant in the room now is why you need to know and follow social trends as a brand, you don’t follow the trends you make them. No, not in this case, you want to stay ahead of your competitors while staying relevant to the media industry. So let’s take a look at the advantages of following social media trends and which of these trends can you follow

Increase brand visibility:

Participating in popular social media trends can be a good way to draw attention to your brand and that could direct more traffic to your content or your social media pages. Let’s use storytelling as an example and how they use social media trends to increase their brand visibility, when Nandos is mentioned in the room not only do you think of their food but you also think of their social media presence. You think this is a brand that hops on the most popular trends for their brand benefit considering the “witty” form of marketing aligns with their brand.

Connect with your audiences:

Participating in social media trends gives you the opportunity to engage and bond with your followers over a shared interest, which could be a TV series, a particular meal, or a topic. An example of this is the #CuffItChallenge that was a dance challenge from Tiktok, most brands took advantage of this trend when their followers participated in the challenge and some brands joined in on the challenge, that did not only mean connecting the audiences with the brand but showing relatability to audience and consumers.

Boost Engagement:

Participating in these trends also boosts your engagement as a lot of people would be interacting with your post or even taking note of other posts on your timeline, at times some people become your loyal consumers and followers from just bumping into your content that was inspired by a trend. Let’s relook at Nandos from a different perspective and their form of storytelling, they have built brand visibility to a point that whatever trend they jump on they will receive effective engagement.

Social media trends to hop on this 2023

Reels, you will be creating more and more reels for your Facebook and Instagram, you could use these reels to show your audiences your latest product, the walk-through at your latest events, or a quick tutorial on how to use either your app or product. And guess what, the reels or any short video content work perfectly when you already have influencers.

Engagement, you will have to consider not being a closed-off brand but being a brand that is part of social media and takes part in daily social media conversations. Remember to align yourself with your mission and vision but be relatable with your audience, when there is Tiktok challenge do not only post about our brand but participate in what the challenge is about. So play TikTok and repost what you can.

Like it or not people have a few questions to ask you and polls/questions are still relevant to this day. Every now and then open yourself to criticism, and allow your audience to ask questions or respond to your questions. On that not allow yourself to participate in conversations that align with your brand on social media, you still want to be a brand that is woke on what is happening around and your audiences want to know your perspective on social issues.

Ningi Sithole