Social media analytics as a tool to meet business goals

Social media has advanced and has been effectively used to share content, build connections, deliver messages or obtain feedback in multiple domains. A large number of people and businesses are using social media in their day-to-day lives. As a result, there is a lot of valuable information hidden behind social media activity. Useful data is formed by shared updates, replies to comments, generated interactions from followers and other activities. This means that new opportunities for analysis are opening. Social media data is being analysed in different ways. In business, social media is being used for competitive advantage so any backend information from social media can be of benefit to stay ahead.

Through social media analytics, your business can keep track of marketing goals and sales. Social media analytics shows relevant data to assist in determining the best content for an audience. Additionally, a business is able to keep track of a social media campaign’s performance. Should things not go accordingly changes to correct the social media campaigns can take place. This article will look at the benefits of social media analytics.


Social media analytics

Social media analytics is the ability to collect data from social media channels and measure performance to make business decisions. These are indicators that help you evaluate your social media marketing strategy. Not only does social media analytics help you see how social media contributes to your bigger business goals, but it also measures customer sentiment, identifies trends, and avoids public relations crises before they occur. This includes determining how your activities influence your performance. The aim of social media analytics is to comprehend how your current social media strategy’s performance is in comparison to the competition. Also, it aims to find insights to improve a brand’s social media marketing strategy.


Benefits of social media analytics:


Know what the competition is doing

It is important to keep track of competitors as each business aims to stay on top. By being aware of what content the competition is using in their social media strategies, your business will have a sense of how to effectively run its own social media marketing strategy. Your brand will create marketing strategies that take advantage of your competitors’ weaknesses and improve your own business performance. Social media analytics will enable you to generate a widget to keep track of your competitors’ accounts. This can be done simply by adding their username and the metrics you would like to check such as engagements or impressions.


Discover new trends or highlight problems and avoid a crisis

Your brand will have an idea of the trending hashtags and conversations that are relevant to your business offering. This will keep you ahead of your competition and discover an opportunity to respond to trends with your own unique campaigns. Constant social media analytics can help identify any negative sentiments which may have a negative impact on the brand. This will be beneficial as the brand will have control over an emerging crisis and potentially recover quickly.


Measure and improve performance 

Reviews and feedback are given by customers on social media. Brands can analyze feedback given using media monitoring techniques. If there are negative comments, those can be used to rectify mistakes and correct action can be put in place to provide the best experience for customers. Social media analytics is a cost-effective tool used to collect customer feedback.


Understand a target audience 

Social media data can help your business understand its audience. For instance, analysing previous posts can play a role in determining the best time to share content updates. Timing plays an essential role in social media marketing. Your posts will drive traffic and more engagement when your content is shared at a time when your targeted audience is online. Social media analytics will display the days and times at which your followers are mostly online. The reach will be high when content is shared during those times.


Increase engagement 

Social media analytics will help in measuring your business’s engagement growth. This will help in having an idea of the type of content that drives the most engagement. Tracking engagement regularly will help you catch jumps and dips in engagement so that you have a clue which content works for your brand.


Final thoughts

In order to build a customer-focused social media strategy, you are required to understand your audience and the type of content that works for your brand the best. Your brand will be able to determine whether its social media strategy is paying off or not with social media analytics.

Pearlmar Chauke