Social dilemmas of brand marketing

As a brand and institute of corporate governance, you have a responsibility to society on the impact you have on social media or the general vicinity of your business operation. You have the power to revolutionise a new world or break it. And with great power, comes great responsibility.

It is up to you as a brand to take initiative, on how we can grow as a society to look up to brands. A brand becomes a household name when society has taken the time to appreciate your products and services. We become part of the brand when we own it or aspire ourselves to purchase it. Brands become dreams for people to one day own and make their visions into reality.

Understanding that advertising is the most wildly consumed construct of today’s new world or as some would say “the new normal”. The campaign for brand awareness is the objective to reach and inform your target audience about who you are and what you do.

Looking into what social dilemmas society consumes from marketing and how this constitutes our passion to be industry leaders. We need to act as creators and innovators of the future.

Data analytics and business intelligence are your footholds in publishing content that justifies good moral code. Our way of messaging our product and services is particularly important and speaks volumes to anyone that follows your content.

The voice of your organisation needs to advocate society standards to not discriminate or offend certain demographics that may be affected by your content. It is incredibly important to know how to relay yourself as a brand and open conversation with your audience. Your language needs to speak for you and tell the story of your ad without maliciously saying the wrong thing to your customers.

This goes much further than basic typography and copywriting content for your business. Knowing your market, you need to cast your net as wide as possible yet not cast too wide to the wrong market. It is an intricate form of advertising that brands need to understand.

Not everyone can be your customer today but with the right marketing strategy, they can be tomorrow. Sometimes we tend to excessive bombard ads to such an extent we lose more of the customer than we are to make them find interest in our business or brand. We need to remember that a little goes a long way. Ad agency needs a minimalistic approach to monetize and publish ad campaigns. We know that competition is a big factor for any business that is thriving to be the best at what they do. It is a dream any business aspires to be.

Big corporates need to protect user data and not impose way too much of user personal data in search to investigate user behavioral patterns. This has become a new commodity of internet usage.  User behavior and search engine optimisation is a major key player of website traffic.

Our data is now our biggest enemy, everything we do is being monitored yet we also need to protect ourselves in the process and not publish too much of our activities online and focus more on human interactions in our daily lives. The internet is a world of many possibilities and a controlling agent in spreading malicious content. This is up to us to take up using the internet as thinkers of tomorrow and society leader that advocate social norms that justify our moral compass to want good in the world.

Louis Kulani Khosa