Explosive trends content marketers can capitalise on

We live in an ever-changing world, so keeping up with the constant changes and trends is beneficial. Is your business keeping up with the content marketing trends?  Well, let me tell you that keeping up with content marketing trends may be a necessity if your business would like to remain relevant. Don’t deprive your business of success by not trying new trends that keep on emerging in content marketing.

Your brand will never really know what works and what doesn’t if you are not in the loop with trends that your brand’s competitors might be keeping up with. As a result, your brand may fall behind. Being up to date with trends will help your brand make better content marketing decisions, stay ahead of your competition and be able to determine what your brand’s consumers want. With that being said, let’s have a look at the current content marketing trends.


Trends pushing content marketing forward


Short-form video marketing

The first trend apart of content marketing trends in 2022 is short-form video marketing. In simple terms, short-form videos are basically videos that are short in length. It is hard to determine the exact length of a short-form video as different platforms define short-form videos differently. However, we can just say any video under a few minutes could qualify to be classified as a short-form video.

Videos are outperforming all other types of content, especially on social media. Short-form video marketing is being used as content marketers are on a mission to fit their content into a shorter time frame. We live in a fast-paced world where people are constantly bombarded with ads and information. The aim of using short-form video is so that audiences can digest information quickly as they usually spend a few seconds on a video before jumping on to the next one.

It is no surprise that short-form video marketing is one of the top trends in content marketing at present. Messages are being conveyed in a fun, engaging and interactive way which makes a brand relatable and authentic. Short-form videos are a method of attracting people’s attention and encouraging them to spread the word about your brand.


Empathetic content marketing

Value-driven empathetic content has made it to multiple content marketing trends 2022 lists. Empathetic content marketing is all about the consumer. It is about relating and building a connection with the consumer.

Customers are now expecting brands to “walk a mile in their shoes”. Brands are required to show their target audience that they care and will provide them with value. It goes beyond just brands being all about selling their product/service to make a profit but being able to meet the consumer’s unique needs.

This is a trend because if a brand can create content that evokes relatable emotions in its customers, then the brand will create better customer experiences, develop more authentic relationships and build trust.



The last trend this article will touch on is podcasting. Audio content in the form of podcasting remains popular.  Text and video have been dominating the content marketing world, but podcasts continue to climb the trend ladder.  Podcasting has been around for quite some time and is not considered the new kid. Podcasting history dates back to when it was still referred to as audio blogging. It is interesting how podcasting history predates the internet right? Podcasting history or not, it has emerged as a popular trend that continues to rise in content marketing.

A podcast is an audio or a video program that is available on the internet and digital platforms. Podcasters upload episodes focused on a particular theme or topic which are available to the public. Podcast episodes can be streamed or downloaded for consumption.

Podcasts reign supreme in content marketing for various reasons. One of the many reasons is the convenience podcasting provides. With people getting used to enjoying whatever they want at a time convenient to them, podcasting remains relevant. People now have the choice to filter out the type of content they would like to consume. Another reason is that podcast provides personality and connection to their target audience. There is a variety of concepts that cater to specific niches. Ultimately, podcasting provides something for everyone.


Wrapping up final thoughts

Brands could be given a competitive edge if the content marking trends 2022 are adopted. A well-thought-out content marketing strategy inclusive of the emerging trends could help make the year incredible for your brand. You can achieve marketing objectives and attract more users. Your brand will create better content and deliver an incredible user experience. Don’t hesitate to tweak your content marketing strategy.


Pearlmar Chauke