Enhance visibility to attain a higher ranking with SEO

The internet is information-packed with multiple pieces of content competing for the searcher’s attention. Writing high-quality content alone is not enough as Google’s aim is to match the search query to the most relevant results. Basically, what this means is that Google provides users with the most relevant results for their queries. Google leads the searcher to the most accurate and relevant websites that match their query. So, to get ahead of the game, your brand should provide users with the information they are searching for. This will help your brand rank high and get more traffic.

In this article, we will be discussing SEO and the importance of SEO in copywriting.

Writing for a ranking in Google requires a content marketer to plan their content strategically. This means that they would have to incorporate keywords into their content. Not just any keywords, but keywords that are relevant to what people are searching for so that searchers have a better chance of finding your brand’s content among the results.

Let us dive a bit more into understanding SEO.


What is SEO?

According to Neil Patel, SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the process of taking steps to help a website or piece of content rank higher on Google. When you search a query into a search engine and click “enter”, a list of search results that are relevant to your search term is what appears.

SEO is the method of fine-tuning the effectiveness of your brand’s content for the search engines, in order to help it rank higher than content from other sites that target the same search terms.


What are keywords for SEO ranking?

In general, keywords are usually ideas or topics that define what your content is about. Whereas keywords for SEO ranking refer to words or phrases that searchers enter into search engines to generate results.


What is SEO in content writing?

This means writing content in a way that your brand’s content begins to rank higher for the related keyword searches. In a nutshell, writing with the aim of ranking on Google’s first page. When writing content your brand will use keywords in content such as a blog post. For example, when a content writer creates a blog article about coffee, they can make use of a keyword tool that will provide them with keyword ideas in relation to what searchers want to know about coffee. These keywords can be “coffee shop near me”, “how to make my own coffee” or “coffee and muffins”. This will help the blog article rank better on Google. If the content is not optimized, it will come up several pages back in a search.


Why are keywords important for SEO ranking?

Keywords are important because they are the link between the results people are searching for on the internet and the content you are providing to fulfill their needs. The keywords you choose for writing your brand’s content will determine the traffic you get. Basically, the better your keyword, the higher you rank. However, your brand still needs to provide valuable content too, simply having the best keyword in the world alone won’t help your brand’s content rank high.


Importance of SEO in copywriting:

  • Effective SEO writing increases your internet visibility. This means that the more traffic your website receives, the higher the opportunity to reach a larger audience with your content.
  • May turn an internet user into a potential customer. If content can persuade an internet user that your brand is of quality by providing them with relatable content or solving their problem, the user may want to know more about your brand’s offering.
  • Your brand will become a more authoritative voice in your industry. Providing content that internet users are searching for may get your brand noticed by others in your industry as they may stumble across your content. This may be beneficial as it goes a long way in establishing your brand as a thought leader in the field.
  • Increases visibility. Using keywords will help lead the internet user to the website ranking high on search engines.
  • Building a brand loyalty trust with prospective customers. Internet users trust search results. Therefore, once your brand’s website begins to rank in the top five search results, internet users will realise that it is a premium brand. Being ranked at the top indicates to users that your brand is trusted and that your company provides accurate and relevant information.


Final thoughts

With new information constantly being added to search engines, your brand cannot afford to neglect including keywords for SEO ranking. Incorporating SEO in content writing is what will get your brand found online, so you really should give them the attention they deserve. Making use of SEO in content writing will help optimise the chances of your brand’s content ranking high in search engines. Avoid missing the mark by thinking creative content is enough to cut through the noise of the internet and remember whatever content your brand writes, do it for the user.



Pearlmar Chauke