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Lead generation marketing remains a huge factor amongst most product and service-based business where the volumes matter more than just quality on its own.  Servicing a large-scale call centre requires at least 300-500 leads per day of ready-to-buy customers to keep the business running and paying for the overheads!


Old Lead Generation Tactics

For the longest time lead generation was really an act of taking first-party data that comes from various sources like banks and insurance companies which was then segmented into specialized database lists that these specialized entities or individuals would then sell to call centres etc. You wouldn’t know if the customer is ready to buy or not, you’d just be handed a huge file that contains emails and telephone numbers.  However, with the advent of data protection laws and recently the implication of GDPR (General Data Protection Rule) those companies quickly went out of business and was then renowned illegal to collect and share such data to users that are not intended to. So, this form of lead generation is slowly becoming a thing of the past!


Digital Media Lead Generation

However, of late, with digital media marketing becoming the centre of it all, companies do not need to worry anymore about how to generate leads and more so what information they can learn about their prospects. With digital media lead generation, companies can run their own marketing campaigns and generate the amount of leads they want based on their own budget of choice.

There’s a myriad of channels that you can use to run your lead generation campaigns from, mainly, social media, Google ads as well as programmatic based platforms. You’ll choose the one that suits your personnel skills, budget and integration requirements if neded.

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Digital Media Lead Generation

Elevated Customer Profiling

With digital media lead generation, you can target users who are ready-to-buy now thus knowing exactly what kind of a marketing script your call centre would need to have as these users would already be looking to buy that specific product or service. Moreover, you can easily profile your prospects by their demographics, interests and working profile to identify opportunities for upsell and cross-sell within those profiles.


Set Your Own Budget

Unlike before where the leads reseller would define how much they’d charge you per lead, with digital media lead generation, you define your own cost per lead depending on your business or commercial goals. You can set the marketing platforms to bid on cost per lead meaning that the system needs to find the leads at the cost per lead you’ve stipulated and nothing more. Yes! This is really how digital is changing marketing as we know it and it’s really makes your life easier as all these tactics are automated and thus diminishing the need to have an actual person to monitor and control these costs on a daily basis.



Digital media lead generation is the way to go for all call centre based businesses! Cold leads and high cost per lead is a thing of the past if you tune and optimise your marketing campaigns to work for you. Without data, we won’t don’t know where we are going, so spend time with your marketing team and data analysts to discover what more can you learn about your prospects and how to best plan for your future needs.  There’s a whole lot more we can learn from digital marketing!