Content marketing remains powerful

Does content appeal to customers and encourage engagement that drives sales? The answer is yes. Content plays a major role in how a brand communicates and connects with an audience.  Content marketing is about keeping your brand’s offering at the top of people’s minds to drive customer action. This article will look at what is meant by content marketing, the opportunity content marketing provides and the benefits of content marketing.


Content marketing

Content marketing is an effective way to promote and build a brand. It goes beyond just publishing words. It involves creating content that will drive traffic, sharing, engagement and ultimately customer action. Understanding what customers need and want thereafter publishing useful and relevant content to cater to them. By publishing helpful and informative content your brand becomes a part of the consumer’s life. It’s about creating and publishing content that has the voice and influence to add value to customers. Achieving success with content marketing means engaging customers and catching their attention so that they notice your brand. This does not mean having to do something drastic to get noticed. For instance, having pop-up ads to get customers’ attention. Content on a pop-up ad would annoy them. It will turn them away from your brand and as a result, your marketing efforts are not effective at all. Instead, brands should focus on delivering consistent, valuable, ongoing messaging that will be rewarded with customers providing loyalty and business.


The content marketing opportunity

Potential customers today usually conduct their research about a brand online. This is where content marketing comes into play. Customers want to know about the brand and its offering before making a purchase. A brand must ensure that the content they share is consistent in communication and engagement. A customer is likely to go through published content as well as the interactions between brands and the audience. A brand’s interaction with customers creates connections and builds trust. When a potential customer sees that the brand can be relied on and meets expectations they are likely going to be drawn to the brand. Share valuable content that communicates your brand’s promise consistently. Your customers will then have expectations and if those expectations are met, they ultimately became loyal to your brand. Customers love talking about a brand that they love. They will also share the experience they have had with a brand with other people. Content marketing will then convince the consumer to make a purchase. It is a critical element of a business’s marketing plan. Gone are the days when consumers would only rely on print and tv ads to get information about a brand.


Benefits of content marketing:


Business visibility increases search 

Creating and sharing high-quality, consistent content will be beneficial to SEO efforts. Having a content marketing strategy will potentially drive traffic to wherever your brand is present online. When users know about your brand they will want to constantly search about your offering and brand in general.

Lead generation 

For the growth of any business, lead generation remains important. Content marketing is a way to grow leads effectively. Publishing informed and valuable content that is ideal for your audience will generate leads that will potentially convert into a sale. When an audience constantly views your content, they will purchase your brand offering in the future. The key is to deliver content of enormous value that will convert a visitor into a lead. When creating content take into consideration the problems, that need solutions. Also, consider their struggles and questions they would like to be answered. Including a call to action in your content will serve as a guide to what a consumer should do next.

Drive social media engagement 

Do not be afraid to be creative when creating content to drive engagement. Content could include asking questions, having competitions, testing their knowledge of your brand offering and so on. The way customers interact with your content will help determine whether your content was well-received or not. Ensure content is consistent and keep the conversation flowing. Then more followers on social media will be attracted.

Audience retention

Content will encourage your potential audience to stick around for more. A brand should go beyond focusing on a customer making a purchase. There is no point in a customer making a single purchase and then that’s where it ends. Through the creation of positive experiences and constantly capturing attention, a community is built. These are the people that will advocate for your brand. Not only will this community be repeat customers and consumers of your content but will spread the word about your brand’s offering. Content marketing will encourage loyal customers and convince the buyer to make additional purchases.


Content marketing brings customers into your space. Content lasts forever, showcase your brand in a super reliable and credible way through content marketing. Be the authority in your industry with your content marketing strategy.

Pearlmar Chauke