Consumer behavior in marketing

The science behind consumer behavior is a variation of different factors that constitute how we behave online or offline towards brands, products, and services. The intuition that inspires us to making new purchase’s is motivated by our need to self sustain.

Knowing your target audience helps you see who your competitors are, and why the same consumers prefer your competitor’s products and services over yours.

Understanding the psychology behind consumer behavior is essentially studying how people react to products and services for personal consumption. Consumer behavior has always been a pivotal concept since the beginning of trade. The need to self-sustain has always shown how we react to products and services.

Consumer behavior is an identity that is designed by your personal emotions, attribute’s, and preferences. It is a marketer’s job to learn how all this can better influence the consumers purchasing decision.

Teaching consumers about your brand with the operations and directives, that give your consumers the knowledge they need to utilize your product or service. This is a concept of human behavior that has in-depth insight to the convenience your product has to offer to your potential consumer.

When consumers investigate products and services the first passive thought that may occur is, what good will this product do for me? This means as a marketer you must know the problem you are solving for the consumer.

Personal consumption is the commodity of marketing that is evaluated by brands to get into the mind of consumers. It is commonly known as data mining in the digital marketing field. Branding plays a crucial role to how consumers get involved in purchasing our products or services.

In this very day we see how brands and companies are using the internet to track user behavior and preference using website cookies to collect data. This data helps them distinguish consumers and understand what products and services you find interest in. When you are browsing the internet, marketers will then use this data to influence new products based on all your search history and cookies.

To actively understand how consumer behavior works we need to fundamentally break the system. There no one size fits all to this, unpacking processes to your product or services helps you as brand to see the errors that could potentially be detrimental. This can better prepare the brand for unpredictable occurrence.

The development of artificial intelligence is all about human behavior, societies future in machine learning lies in the day-to-day encounters that encourage us to think differently. Data and analytics in marketing all derives from human behavior. When we get multiple result for the same action or process, it does not justify that your product or service does not work the way it should.

Studying consumer behavior facilitates in understanding and facing competition. Based on consumers’ expectations, your brand can offer competitive advantages.  Marketing strategies always need you to understand consumer behavior as this gives us insight on the long-term competitive advantages a brand may have.

We need to think differently about everything around us to better compensate how we react and develop new ways to seamless implement technologies that understand consumer behavior.

Louis Kulani Khosa