Bidvest Bank Grow Account

Bidvest Bank, wanted to establish a big push into the retail banking market with the launch of its Grow Account – a transactional account that brings on-the-go banking, saving and investing to consumers


The bank’s main aim was a fresh play in consumer banking with what we believe was a competitive offering


Our main aim was to establish direct relationships with Bidvest Bank’s target audience, and particularly non-existing customers.

We were keen for the bank to have more influence in its customers’ online journeys and obtain a better understanding of their online application lifecycle. Fresh Apple launched a highly targeted lead generation campaign to educate the customers, provide them with more Grow Account information and benefits on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


During the most recent burst, more than 15,000 leads were collected.

Social media engagement rates increased by more than 30% and click rates to the website averaged in double digits, more than three times higher than the usual average, and far in excess of the standard online applications.

The results achieved just as much success from an ROI perspective, achieving an ROI of 13 000+ new Grow accounts opened in a two-month period post online applications.


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