Account manager

Job location: Kramerville, Sandton

Employment status: Full time

Closing date: Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Job description:

  • To design and execute art and graphic assignments.
  • To grasp execution of idea and understand it when identified by others
  • To be familiar with Typography and has a good feeling for its appropriate use
  • To have a practical knowledge of Photography
  • To have a knowledge of Print Production techniques and processes
  • To have a good sense of design and follows the latest trends
  • To have a good knowledge of artwork preparations and its appropriate use for reproduction in various media
  • To respect all internal and external appointments
  • To assume all administrative responsibilities for making given duties feasible
  • To have solid knowledge of required languages and the relevant design skills
  • To have a strong grasp of relevant computer skills
  • To invariably meet deadlines

Job role: Creative

Career level: Junior to Mid-level

Education: Bachelor degree in design or any relevant degree

Manage others: Yes

Monthly salary range: Unspecified

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