Basic Social Media Metrics To Focus On For Your Social Media Campaigns

Well, we would not want to throw you under the bus and tell you what to focus on without laying the basics for you. Social Media metrics are numerical data sets collected to shed light on the effectiveness of your social media marketing. This raw data will usually require further processing for it to make business sense. The data collected is crucial in indicating whether your social media marketing strategy is working effectively or not. Let’s take a look at a few social media metrics you should collect and why you have to look into them this 2023.


Customer sentiment

As a brand, one of the most important things is knowing that people are talking about your brand, it could be your competitors, consumers, or critics, remember bad publicity is also publicity, but we will get to that some other day…

However, measuring the volume of mentions from social media channels will help you spot your seasons of interest, you will then know from the previously collected data when is the most suitable time to engage with audiences on a specific topic to deliver the best results. Not only will you know what to say but you will know how your consumers and competitors feel about your brand, and what the critics think of your brand.



Reach is the one metric you should look closely into, especially if you’re running social media campaigns. Your social media reach data will give you insight on how many people have your post reached and how the content is spreading across different platforms.

Your social media reach also indicates the size of your desired audience. Knowing your reach and how it gradually grows will also give you insight into how your brand is spreading beyond your goal or beyond expectations.



 Impressions indicate the number of times your audience was served your content, your impressions stats can be higher than the reach as it is very possible that one watches or views your content more than once. The people seeing your content more than once can be a good indicator to retarget these users in your future campaigns while increasing the frequency of your ads to them.

Having higher impressions can be both positive and negative as it could mean one had to look at your content more than once to understand it which then means your content is difficult to understand or they went back on the page to see the post again for particular information, or they went to back on the page to engage with the post.



Your audience should not only like your content and move on, but they should also leave some interaction. That’s where your engagement metrics play a role because you are then able to collect data on the topics that have the highest engagement and keep a consistent pattern of topics that did well.

It is crucial to understand what your stats are highlighting as they can be a great tool for understanding your customer and future prospects. Of course, collecting data and focusing on specific metrics will heavily be dependent on your campaign objectives. The above-mentioned metrics are the very basic metrics you should be looking into when onboarding your brand to social media.


Ningi Sithole