Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Welcoming Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a challenge for all people around the world within different industries. This has been caused by reasons ranging from; Artificial Intelligence replacing all jobs to overtaking and out-pacing human intelligence. All this has led to people being reluctant to embrace the reality of Artificial Intelligence and how it could prove to be important in the digital marketing industry.

Artificial Intelligence is the science that deals with building intelligent machines or algorithms that can think or replicate human behaviour without the need for previous inference to make a decision. People have not yet understood that there is Machine Learning which is the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models that computer systems use to perform a specific task without using explicit instructions. This means, Machine Learning heavily relies on patterns and conclusions reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning to predict possible outcomes. If Artificial Intelligence is the Parent then Machine learning is the child.

AI and Machine Learning have sparked massive interests and opinions from the public, however, AI has a lot of advantages to the digital marketing industry. Here are some of the advantages of Artificial Intelligence in the digital marketing industry:

Advantages of Artificial intelligence.

  1. Personalisation of content and offers is simplified.

Personalisation without Artificial Intelligence is very difficult and time-consuming as a team must be assigned to tailor market every product or service relevant to its audience. With AI brands can focus on tasks demanding further attention over personalisation as AI does not require any supervision whatsoever as it is not reliant on patterns and conclusions reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning. This means companies can send personalised emails to potentials clients with ease ultimately connecting brands seamlessly with potential clients.


  1. Human error will greatly be reduced.

Human error has been one of the biggest hindrances of every industry. This is because humans will generally make mistakes from time to time.

Computers do not make mistakes when they are programmed well. Using AI in marketing can still have its own flaws, however, the flaws are far less than a human would make. This is because AI has to implement various algorithms to solve unique problems. This makes AI more accurate than human beings could ever be. This is due to various algorithms being implemented and concluding based on various possible outcomes. On its own, that sounds like an advantage of Artificial Intelligence. This simple analogy can be explained in the following scenario below:

When weather forecasting is AI-based, this means algorithms that have been set must all be applied simultaneously to find all the possible outcomes. When the possible outcomes have been determined now the best outcome can make the final decision. This can be repetitive and unique. Human beings are more prone to making mistakes as they may measure different readings based on the lack of consistency.

  1. AI can calculate all possible outcomes and make a decision without any human intervention

This may come as a surprise to many individuals, however, it is true that people cannot focus on various tasks at once. This is commonly known as multitasking. AI surpasses human capabilities in memory retention making it a no-brainer when it comes to efficiency and accuracy. This means that AI can work on multiple algorithms simultaneously while human beings, on the other hand, can only focus on one algorithm at a time.

  1. AI is available 24/7

An average human being will work 4 – 6 hours a day excluding breaks. Humans are hardwired in a way that they must take some time out to refresh themselves. But with AI we can now make machines that will work 24/7 without any breaks, and still not get bored or frustrated by routine work.
This is an advantage to businesses that manage social media platforms and must answer urgent customer queries.
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These are some of the advantages of Artificial Intelligence. AI was a topic out of a science fiction film and now it has become a reality. As we recap AI will make life easier by cutting communications turnaround times in half, reduction in human error and share content relevant to each and every individual. The key for humans to ensure that the “rise of the robots” doesn’t get jobs obsolete must be to ensure that it is regulated and managed to ease the general public from popular beliefs with regards to AI.

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